Minnesota Official Marriage System

Welcome to MOMS®,

The Minnesota Official Marriage System (MOMS)® is a program of the Minnesota Association of County Officers (MACO). Its development and oversight is led by a steering committee of local registrars who are members of MACO.

MOMS® is supported by user fees. This funding source provides technical support and maintenance for MOMS® public website and its county staff website.

Some caveats and source information for the data on this site:

1. Each county is responsible for its data and authentic records.
2. Most counties have current and historical data available on this site.
3. Record volumes by county dictate how the current index is organized.
4. Users may request marriage certificates directly from the custodial county.
5. Counties are not required to submit data to MOMS®. If you have questions about a specific county, contact the Local Vital Record’s Office or County Administration for that county.
6. Marriage records are classified as public data pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Chapters 13 and 517.